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We provide hardware and software support for all your IT assets remotely and on-site.

For business clients only across Suffolk providing a full range of services including IT help-desk, consultancy and cyber security awareness training.

Managed IT Support

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Networking & Connectivity

Managed Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Digital Transformation

IT Consultancy

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our integrated transparent approach provides peace of mind and security knowing all IT needs can be provided easily.

Managed IT Support

Our technical team are skilled working with a range of systems, from server administration, desktops, laptops and workstations, virtual machines and mobile devices. We also manage network equipment including routers, network hardware including switches, wireless access points, firewalls and proactively keep your infrastructure operating.

Proactive monitoring and management

For business customers, our IT support plans include 24×7 remote management providing full visibility across your organisation enabling rapid remote access, patch management, network monitoring and more.

IT help-desk for responsive on-demand support

We operate our IT help-desk between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and provide remote support and onsite troubleshooting where necessary to efficiently resolve issues.

Small Business IT Support
  • We offer fully managed IT support services for cloud and on-prem servers, PCs, Apple Macs, smartphones and tablets to small business clients including hardware and software support.  
  • We also provide hardware repairs for PCs and Macs from upgrades and servicing.

Managed Cyber Security

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving and it is essential to partner with a proactive IT provider who monitor and maintain your systems.

We deploy advanced endpoint security solutions for our clients and strongly recommend using a password manager like Keeper Security.

Our sister company Sparta Cyber Security carries out our security audits, training and testing for businesses wanting to improve their security posture.

Data Management, Backup & Recovery

How you manage your data in your business makes all the difference to productivity and collaboration.  

Microsoft 365 has advanced tools to enable team working and realtime communication with Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.

We can advise you how to manage your data more securely and safely, avoiding risk of loss with Data Loss Prevention policies and of course backing up Microsoft 365.

Telecoms & Connectivity

Having a reliable ultrafast business grade broadband connection is vital for productivity and communications. We provide FTTC and FTTP connections across the UK running private infrastructure via our partners IDNet.

VoIP provides significant benefits over legacy technologies, enabling advanced call features including recording, call groups, voicemail to email etc.  

From initial network design through to site installation and ongoing management our team can deploy complex requirements always ensuring security by design.  Whether you need a new wireless access point or improved security with CCTV we can design the right solution.

Managing your Microsoft 365 tenant and carrying out regular administration keeps your organisation’s Exchange email secure and accessible. We recommend automatic cloud backup using Acronis for 365 accounts as Microsoft is not responsible for ensuring the data integrity, only accessibility.

If your 365 tenant is breached, it is your IT service providers responsibility to ensure you have cloud to cloud backups in place before cyber incidents occur, to prevent data loss.  

Cyber Security

Ensuring you have secured all areas of your IT assets is vital to avoid being breached.  Passwords are the weakest link after human resources which is why we’ve partnered with Keeper Security to provide our clients a comprehensive enterprise grade cyber security solution for password and record management.  A fully encrypted multi platform application provides highly secure storage for your all important passwords, credentials and financial records.  

Assessment and review

Reviewing your IT security position is an important first step to identifying vulnerabilities, from weak insecure passwords to poor procedures and data storage policies.  

After an assessment we will recommend solutions to enhance your security posture, for example setting up an encrypted password manager like Keeper, to moving data to the cloud and ensuring a comprehensive backup plan. Whilst more practical steps include training on identifying phishing emails, practising good cyber hygiene and understanding common social engineering mistakes.

Proactive security testing on your website and infrastructure and ongoing improvements help avoid costly breaches and remediation.  

£172K is the the estimated cost of a cyber-attack on a UK company on average.

Digital Transformation

Upgrading business processes using technology can yield cost savings and boost productivity, whilst making you more agile and competitive. We provide advice and solutions from customer record management, invoicing to database and Sharepoint.  By integrating systems together and automating tasks we can streamline your workflow and processes to enhance operational efficiencies.  We want your IT software to save you time and money, whilst leaving you to grow your business, without worrying about reliability, troubleshooting or configuring applications.

IT consultancy

IT Consultancy

We can work with you to define an overall IT strategy and policies and procedures for your business. Advising on the most suitable hardware to use, to finding the right software application our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable IT partners. Along with making plans and preparations for disasters and mitigating risk we consider your complete IT operation and potential vulnerabilities and improvements.

Strategy and Planning

Developing a comprehensive plan and holistic strategy, aligning with key business objectives is crucial to your organisation’s success. With our experience we can draw this up and explore innovative IT solutions which fit your needs.  Ensuring all key aspects are included including ongoing management, IT training, security threat mitigation and financial return.

Your business requires the very best IT systems to enhance your team’s efficiencies and enable your business to meet demand and grow, without interruption from failure, data loss or security breach.  We ensure you meet the highest standards of IT operations by designing, managing and maintaining your infrastructure.

We manage the deployment of new solutions, hardware, software etc to ensure it is setup and achieves the planned outcomes, with review, testing and ongoing management where neccessary. 

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